Thursday, 16 July 2009

A Free Lesson!

For some time I've been frustrated that I could not seem to work out how to create a link from my blog to another (and I was even considering going to Learn Direct for more education of this sort). However, last night, over on Connexions http://theconnection/wp/ , Richard gave a free lesson on How to add a link in a Blogspot post. Unfortunately, as you can see, it hasn't worked for me because no box appeared in which I could type or paste the URL. I'm very cross!


Richard Hall said...

This is very peculiar, Olive. There's been some further advice today, which might help.

Olive Morgan said...

Not so far, Richard. I've spent too much time on it today and must deal with other priorities before returning to have another go. But thanks for trying to help.

jhoncooper said...

Hello Olive

from later posts you seem to have got it working - so well done

warm regards


Olive Morgan said...

Yes, John, thanks to you and
Richard. Like everything else it seems simple when you know how!