Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Methodist President: Church must make the world a safer place

I haven't got around to writing about my time away at the Methodist Conference and with my family, but i'd like to share part of the speech made by the new President of Conference for 2009-2010, the revd David gamble. I hope to write more later.

In his inaugural presidential address to the annual Methodist Conference, Revd David Gamble spoke of the need for the Church to be a ‘safer space’ for people from every walk of life.

David spoke particularly of the importance of supporting the survivors of abuse, affirming his commitment to making the Church and the world a safer place. He said; “When I’m talking about creating safer space I’m talking about places, situations, moments, relationships, occasions where and when people feel accepted as they are, able to tell their story, not judged and not put at unnecessary risk.”

David was inducted as the President of the Methodist Conference as the first order of business at opening of the Conference in Wolverhampton. He will serve for one year, representing the Church and meeting people across Britain.

Speaking of climate change as ‘the biggest issue facing our world today’, he said, “In the face of what is happening to this planet as the direct result of how we live, do we just give up, or is there a word of hope and are there possibilities to turn the tide and make this planet a safer space? Christians and churches need to be fully involved, and have things to offer in making our world a safer space.”

David also called for greater openness and understanding between people of different perspectives, traditions and faiths, commenting that, “If we really listen to people’s different perspectives we may come to a fuller and richer understanding ourselves. We can challenge and be challenged if there is respect between us. Not to seek to cast out those who think differently, but to listen, to understand and to grow.”

People can follow David’s travels on the President and Vice President’s blog (http://www.methodist-presandvp.blogspot.com/).

Source: Methodist News service 04/07/09

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