Tuesday, 14 July 2009

WORKING HERE …….. HELPING THERE with Wycliffe Associates!

At a recent Wednesday afternoon service at my church, I used slides of Vision 2025, the aim of Wycliffe Bible Translators (htp://www.wycliffe.org.uk) to provide at least a part of the Scriptures for every people group in their heart language by
2025. Unfortunately, a situation has arisen through natural wastage whereby the work is being held up for want of more proof readers. This is an important job where a sight check is made between the original paper copy and the keyboarded paper copy in order to find as many errors as possible so that we can correct them before it goes to print or on to the Internet. Below is an example for you to have a go to see if you can find all 17 errors in the keyboarded copy.

{Sorry! So far i have not managed to copy the Sight Checkers' Quiz in an acceptable form. I will keep trying, but if you are really interested, you can always ask for a sample from Wycliffe Associates.]

If you enjoyed that or found it a challenge, I would love to encourage you to think about volunteering as a Proof Reader. Please contact me if you are interested in helping Wycliffe Associates to get the scriptures ready for people groups all over the world who, as yet, don’t have a Bible or New Testament in their mother tongue or have an ancient translation that needs updating.

I have been proof reading for Wycliffe Associates for several years and find great joy in the knowledge that I am helping to spread the Good News. Do, please, consider if God is calling you to help in this way.

If you find this work too difficult and you still wish to help missionaries in their work, Wyclife Associates have groups of volunteers helping in all kinds of ways - so do find out if you are the one they are looking for to fill hundreds of volunteer vacancies.


Granny Annie said...

Olive, I'm sorry to be out of touch. I hope I can share this site with you, It is my pastor's archived sermons and the last two have been especially neat. http://www.bostonavenue.org/sermons.shtml

Olive Morgan said...

That makes two of us Grannie Annie, because I've not been to your site for at least a fortnight, and I'm desperately trying to catch up with the backlog of work I found on my return. I will look up your pastor's sermons soon, but I must sort myself out first - not to mention the washing and housework awaiting me. I always think that male bloggers have it so good because they have their meals cooked for them, etc.