Sunday, 12 July 2009

Britain’s workaholic Church ‘tired but hungry’

Today, my highlighted news item confirms what most of us have suspected for some time - that fatigue and time pressures are greatly affecting the way people live as christians - but it is very encouraging that so many still offer themselves in Christ's service.

‘It is no longer just prayer that brings the church to its knees, but also tiredness.’ This is the finding of a London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) and Spring Harvest survey conducted recently. The biggest struggles identified by 55 per cent of three thousand respondents were fatigue and time pressures. Home/work balance was an issue for almost half of those surveyed (47 per cent), long hours at work for 45 per cent and parenting a challenge for 33 per cent. The survey also found that the workplace was the biggest challenge for people to live out their Christian faith (43 per cent), followed by the neighbourhood (34 per cent) and home (24 per cent). Despite these pressures, some 57 per cent said they ‘actively’ see themselves as apprentices of Christ and 54 per cent pray intentionally about how God will use them.

Source: Eg (June 09)

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