Saturday, 19 January 2008

Ama Sumani

I have received a reply to my protest to my MP about the distressing case of ama Sunami who was taken from her hospital bed when on dialysis to be deported to Ghana.

He says "I agree with you that this is a distressing case, however, I am also conscious that the NHS is under considerable strain and unable to providemany of my constituents with the services they require. I understand that the UK offered to pay the cost of three months of Ms Sumani's treatment in Ghana.

I have written to the Home Secretary to pass on your comments and will let you have a copy of the response I receive."

Ihad not heard of this UK offer to pay for her treatment in Ghana before now and, if this is so, it certainly puts a more humane interpretation on her deportation, doesn't it?

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PamBG said...

My MP also wrote back. He is a medical doctor and an independent whose original platform was based on the provision of healthcare in our area.

He wrote that he did not support the deportation of the terminally ill.