Thursday, 10 January 2008

Urgent call for Prayer for Kenya

This morning I received this urgent call for prayer, and once again I urge you to join me in prayer for these desperate children of God.

"We are all in-doors, roads are blocked between Eldoret and Marakwet and between Elodret and Nairobi. Whoever is travelling travels at his/her own risk. People are staying all over and at either side.

Killings are going on in Eldoret, mainly the Kikuyus because they say they stole the votes for Raila and gave to Kibaki. People are desperate. Lives and properties are lost. Towns are in disarray. Goods are double or thrice in prices if you can find them in the village.

It is harvesting time for Mangos but there is nowhere to sell them, therefore it is rotting and perishing in the farms. The people of the valley will really suffer because that was the only source of income per year. It is a shame to see thousands of money being lost and the economy of the land going down hill in a high speed just because of voting to the wrong candidate. Please pray because food is going to be the main problem.

Pray for safety on our roads so that people will return back to work .
Pray for people owning Matatus to release them to the road."


Sally said...

adding my prayers to yours

Lorna said...

me too Olive

we have a UMC mission project in Kenya (Kiambu) and also my friend's sister is a missionary over there. She's sleeping in the airport hanger because it's too dangerous in the mission house right now.

Lord hear our prayers - make us a praying people and lift the people of Kenya to you again. Let your light shine - let the darkenss (of politics and greed) roll back - as you help Your people walk in the light, in safety and in love. Amen

Olive Morgan said...

Thank you Sally and Lorna. I'm sure your prayers, joined with all the other prayers, will bring comfort to the people of Kenya and help them regain their former position of dignity, trust and trust in God.