Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Highlighting NXT Ministries

This has just to me by email, so i am using my blog to alert my readers to the request for more people to sign up to become involved in NXT ministries.

NXT Ministries

c/o Swanbank Mission Centre

Swan Square


Stoke on Trent


0870 066 0766




"Resolution" was a great evening at the Victoria Hall, Stoke on Trent, on 5th Jan and a wonderful way to start the New Year, we have the 3rd Jan 09 pencilled in for Resolution 09, so please pencil the date in your diary and don’t miss it.

2008 promises to be a great year with exciting new events and projects ahead. We have ECG – The Conference in Llandudno at Easter, and "Adoration" a 2 day music festival, along with other events to be decided. As we get more details of these events we will let you know.

We really want to expand our mailing list this year so that we can let as many people as possible know about our events. With this in mind please tell anyone you know to send us their details in an email to info@nxt.org.uk and we will add them to the database."


I have booked myself in for the ECG event as both an intercessor and a steward, so perhaps I will see you there? I haven't yet seen the programme but I know that there will be the same kind of in-depth Bible teaching that many people valued at Easter People. Also I know that there will be events for all age groups but a particular emphasis this year will be on events for the 'missing generation' - the 20s to 40s.
Go to the NXT site and look for yourselves.

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