Wednesday, 2 January 2008

More incredible news from China!

I continue to get incredible, wonderful news about the Christians in China - this time from my friend, the Revd Martin Lloyd, the co-ordinator of (and whom I hope to meet at Easter).

Martin reflected on a Chinese pastor he had visited just a few months ago. Apparently the Chinese government itself has given him money to build what will become "China's largest church (holding 8000 inc 2500 Bible College students)." Martin has seen with his own eyes the foundations of the perimeter wall. It happens that this pastor and his team have produced all the Bible documents on . Martin mused, "I don't yet fully understand the intentions of Beijing or the leaders of this work. I await guidance and pray a lot."

Let's join him in prayer. A church of 8000 takes my breath away, even while I ponder if such a large church is viable - but then everything that God does is awesome!

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