Saturday, 19 January 2008

Church Weddings on the increase? or decline?

We are led to believe by the Media that most weddings these days take place in special secular locations like historic houses and that fewer couples opt for a church wedding.

To a lesser extent, I had gained this impression from the clergy, so am I wrong, for I have just had a long email from a great-niece in the North-East of England which seems to belie all that?

She tells me that their wedding will have to be on a Friday in early September because their local church cannot give them a Saturday date until mid 2009!

This would seem to indicate an awful lot of weddings - does it? Or has the church got so many other events planned for Saturdays that preclude holding weddings on the same day? Could that be one reason why couples are not marrying in church so much, if that is the case? Can anyone throw any light on this trend, if it is a trend, please?

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