Friday, 18 January 2008

New smartcard bus pass for OAPs!

Yippee! All OAPs reading this, Rejoice! I've just had a letter from my Borough Council to tell me that from 1st April 2008, new legislation comes into place that provides for a National Travel Scheme. Yippee again! It means that my bus pass allowing me free travel on my local buses will enable me to travel on any off-peak local bus journey in England (between 9.30am and 11 00pm on weekdays and anytime at weekends or on Bank Holidays) for free. A new smartcard bus pass will be issued in March. At a time when there seems to be a policy of cutbacks or blockages of pay increases, this is most welcome news for those OAPs able to travel to other parts of England,

Psychologically, it comes at the right time to lift my spirits, because yesterday I was grounded by my podiatrist, largely because of the bulky dressing she insisted on applying to my toe - thus making the wearing of a shoe unbearable, and of course any break dancing is out of the question for a bit, Richard! The news of a new smartcard bus pass provides me with the incentive to get this tiny ulcer on my toe healed up, so that I can resume my travels. After all, I've got many more travels lined up for this year than I usually do - and that's saying something!


Richard Hall said...

Sorry to hear you've been grounded. You're not using your toe as a cover for an ASBO are you?

Seeriously, hope you're on your feet again soon. You'll be wanting to put that bus pass to good use.

God bless

PamBG said...

Now all you'd need when you come here is a decent and reliable bus service which actually goes where you want it to go.

Sorry to hear about your toe; I pray that it will get better soon.

Olive Morgan said...

Thanks to you both. After previous operations on my ankles, the circulation is poor and so healing is delayed. I'm praying that we can get both toes to heal quickly so that I can be a steward in Llandudno at Easter. That doesn't leave much time.